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Banff Attractions

Nestled among some of the most glorious scenery in the world, the unparalleled beauty of Banff boasts a stunning array of can’t-miss attractions to enjoy before, during and after our convention. Here are some suggestions to boost your experience.

Enjoy a Soak in the Hot Springs

A trip to Banff isn’t complete without a visit to the genesis of the national park’s creation in 1885. The steamy hot mineral waters at the Cave and Basin and the Upper Hot Springs have been soothing and rejuvenating visitors for more than 130 years. Combining a revitalizing soak with the amazing views from Sulphur Mountain is an unbeatable combination of delight.


Take a Hike!

Hikes in the Banff area can appeal to any skill level and fit into any time frame, so ensure you take the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors at your pace. Whether it’s the 22-km trek to Citadel Pass, a walk around Lake Minnewanka or the family-friendly visit to Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots, be sure to put on those boots and breathe the mountain air.


Hit the Water

If you have the time, and don’t mind getting a little wet, there are all sorts of white water rafting options from Banff to knock that item off the bucket list. However, you don’t have to get wild to enjoy the pristine waters in the area. Take a canoe or kayak down the Bow River, or float on a large river raft to discover the geology of the Rocky Mountains.


Join the Culture Club

Learn about Banff’s artistic past at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. Discover the cultures and traditions of the First Nations of North America at the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum. View the more than 5,000 natural history specimens of the area’s wildlife in a building dating back to 1903 at the Banff Park Museum. Visit the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. There’s no shortage of venues to gain more appreciation for such an incredible area.


Journey to the Skies

Sure, you can hike up the mountains but why not try going above the great peaks of the Rockies on a helicopter tour? Whether it’s a quick jaunt to see all the beauty of the area from on-high, a trip preluding to a mountain hike, a excursion to view the Columbia Icefields or a romantic getaway complete with sparkling wine and decadent dessert at a stunning waterfall, the options for a once-in-a-lifetime-experience are as vast as the area.


Explore the Fairmont

The historic Castle in the Rockies is an attraction in itself. Discovering all the wonders throughout the Fairmont Banff Springs is well worth it, with amazing architecture, a fascinating history and enthralling finishing touches (such as the limestone in Mt. Stephen Hall, the Spiral Staircase’s lampshades from Tiffany or woodwork trim throughout). Don’t forget to discover the Legend of the Ghost Bride. Take a self-guided or guided tour. After it all, enjoy some spa time or a world-class meal or more.